27. - 28.2.2021
Liikuntakeskus Core, Kello, Finland

Registration for the seminar

27. - 28.2.2021 
Liikuntakeskus Core, Kello

Open Seminar to all Martial Artists in Oulu, Finland.  Come and meet MAAS Finland and Scandinavian Reps. Learn new and have a great Seminar with open mind.
  • ** Limited spaces**
  • Catering available so you can reserve meals beforehand.
  • Participation fee
    • 1 day 40€
    • both days 70€
  • More information on Facebook
kamppailulajien harrastajille avoin Seminaari Oulussa. Huippuohjaajat. Tule tutustumaan uusiin lajeihin avoimin mielin. Tutustut samalla MAAS Finlandin toimintaan ja edustukseen.
  • Huomioithan, että seminaarille on rajoitettu määrä osallistujia.
  • Ennakkovarauksella paikan päällä edullinen ruokailu mahdollisuus.
  • Osallistumismaksu 
    • 1 päivä 40€
    • 2 päivää 70€
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Joachim Jenkel-Peters

World Budo & Kobudo Federation / MAAS international

Giancarlo Bagnulo

Giancarlo is the Italian representative of MAAS and a 7th degree Black belt (at today the highest rank reached in Ju Jitsu with the Italian FIJLKAM Federation).
He is the National Coordinator of ACSI and  President for the Ju Jitsu Committee in FIJLKAM since 2014.
A full time professional martial arts instructor.

Jens Högsander

Chief instructor Ju-jitsu
Jens is an internationally acclaimed instructor with assignments in several organizations. Laureates The Sports Leadership Grant, Lund 2019.

Self-protection instructor for the security sector. Lic. Instructor for expandable baton. Educators in Threat & Violence Prevention for authorities, security guards, ambulance staff etc.

Has worked as a security officer and treatment assistant and got extensive experience of practical self-protection, legal rights of violence and handling violent and threatening situations.

In addition to martial arts, dogs are a lifelong interest where training, competitions, judges, hunting and breeding have resulted in a large number of international qualifications. Shares his time outside dojon between teacher jobs in middle school and consultant / educational assignments in the security industry.

Black belt in Ju-jitsu (MAAS), Taekwondo, Hapkido, Iaido & Kickboxing
Kancho Scandinavia MAAS
Swedish Representative KJF
International consultant Sweden for ACSI Italy

Jens Schimmel

5th Dan Hapkido

Ari Puhakka

Kempo GoshinJutsu Kita Ryu 5th Dan

Rune Eines

 4th Dan Ju Jitsu MAAS INTERNATIONAL representative for Sweden

Tommi Nyström

Finnish Krav Maga Federation chairman  Krav Maga 4th Dan 

Martin Stolpe-Thomsen

4th Dan MAAS Ju Jitsu
4th Dan Tora Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
4th Dan Hoku Shin Go Ryu Bu-Jutsu 

This hearty and respected director comes from Denmark. Martin has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years. The focus has always been on Jiu-Jitsu / Ju-Jutsu, but he has also taught Krav Maga and Nin-Jutsu and coached the Karate team. 

Martin has trained and practiced with police, bodyguards and special forces.

Dani Warnicki

While practicing Muay Thai, Dani Warnicki got excited to find out about its origins and what there is to Thai Martial Arts. He discovered Muay (Thai) Boran and International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA) which had the only gym in Finland teaching this art, located in Tampere.

As soon as Warnicki started training Muay Boran, he became highly passionate about it and devoted himself to it. Therefore, when the founder of IMBA Finland, Samu Majander, had to retire he chose Warnicki as his successor. Thus, Warnicki became the new Head Instructor and the Country Representative of Finland in IMBA. 

To continue his training, Warnicki became the student of the founder of IMBA, Grand Master Marco De Cesaris. Ever since Warnicki has been training regularly abroad with GM De Cesaris and Master Marika Vallone. For example, in 2017 Warnicki lived in Rome, Italy for four months training at GM De Cesaris’ gym where he received 150 hours of training from the Masters themselves. In addition, Warnicki has been trained in IMBA gyms in Mexico and Switzerland and trained Muay Thai in Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok, Thailand.

Warnicki has devoted himself to teaching his students and training himself on a daily basis at IMBA Finland’s gym in Tampere. In addition, he trains new IMBA instructors both in Finland and abroad, e.g. in Great Britain. This accumulates over 1000 hours a year training and teaching Muay Boran. Warnicki’s training philosophy is based on leading by example.

This year, Warnicki achieved 12th Khan advanced level in IMBA and the title of “Kru”.

Aku Oksala

Kujaku Ryu Goshin Jutsu 1 Dan 
Defendo Instructor Level 3 S.T.A.R 
Defendo Blue Instructor Level Hard Target

Jarkko Jussila

  • Nyrkkeilyn Suomen Mestari 2009

  • Kahdeksan Suomen Mestaruutta potkunyrkkeilyssä 1999-2009

  • Vuoden potkunyrkkeilijä 2010

  • Vuoden potkunyrkkeilyvalmentaja 2010

  • EM-pronssi 2008

  • MM-pronssi 2009

  • EM-hopea 2010

  • MM-pronssi 2011

  • SportAccord Combat Games pronssi 2010

  • WKC Intercontinental Mestaruus 2010

  • IKF Intercontinental Mestaruus 2012

  • WKF Intercontinental Mestaruus 2013

  • WAKO-PRO Euroopan Mestaruus 2010

  • WAKO-PRO Maailman Mestaruus 2013 -66,8kg

  • WKF Maailman Mestaruus 2013 -64,5kg

  • WKF Maailman Mestaruus 2014 -62,3kg

  • World Cup I Brasilia 2010

  • World Cup I Itävalta 2010

  • World Cup I Italia 2009 ja 2011

  • World Cup I Unkari 2009 ja 2011

  • CzechOpen I

  • BihacOpen I

  • SkandinavianOpen I

  • EstOpen I

  • LatviaOpen I

  • Adidas Kickboxing Cup I

  • PosavjeOpen I

  • NordicOpen I

  • AustrianClassics I

Juha Särkelä

Professional degree in security and works as a trainer in the use of force in the private security industry.

Krav Maga, Defendo and Defendo Blue instructor.